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Application Bulletins

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Trace Oxygen

Application Bulletin Application Relevant Product(s)
AB0007 Trace Oxygen Monitoring in Glove Boxes 311, 3110, 3190
AB0008 Transportation of Chemicals and Feed Stocks 311, 3110
AB0009 Trace Oxygen measurement in Pure Gas Manufacturing 311, 3000T Trace O2 Series
AB0011 Trace Oxygen measurement in Carbon Dioxide in breweries and distilleries 3000TA Trace oxygen analyzer
AB0012 Monitoring oxygen in Landfill Methane Recovery 3010PA, 3010TA, InstaTrans-XD

Trace Moisture

Application Bulletin Application Relevant Product(s)
AB0001 Trace moisture analysis in chlorine alkali, toluene diisocyanate (TDI), and polyurethane industries
Trace moisture analysis in electron dichloride (EDC), carbon tetrachloride, and MCB in PVC and MDI industries
LGA-4000 / LGA-3500
AB0010 Hydrocarbon processing application: Platformer Recycle Gas moisture measurement 8800UOP Loop powered dewpoint transmitter

Hydrogen / Hydrocarbons

Application Bulletin Application Relevant Product(s)
AB0013 The continuous detection of hydrogen and hydrocarbons in the regeneration column of a Continuous Catalytic Reforming (CCR) unit. 2020 Explosion proof thermal conductivity analyzer

Special Applications / Information

Application Bulletin Application Relevant Product(s)
AB0003 The Principles of TOC Analysis 6700
AB0004 The Pitfalls of TOC Analysis 6700
AB0005 LGA-3500 applications for the Steel Industry LGA-4000 / LGA-3500
AB0006 LGA-3500 applications for the Petrochemical Industry LGA-4000 / LGA-3500

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