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Teledyne has earned many certifications and approvals both on specific products and for its superior manufacturing and quality assurance processes. Click on the link to see a copy of the certificate in PDF format.

ISO-9001: 2015 Certification
Quality Manual
Quality Assurance Notification: BASEEFA
EC Quality Assurance Certificate: BSI
ISO-13485 : 2016
BSI Certificate of Registration: Quality Management System for design and manufacturing of oxygen monitors and sensors
US Department of Transportation: approval to ship oxygen sensors with no more than 4 milliliters of 10% potassium hydroxide solution
Thermal conductivity analyzers - Pattern approval
(2000 series, 212R, 275R, 225CM) People's Republic of China
2010A - Declaration of Conformity
2020 - Factory Mutual Approval
2000XTC - EC Type Examination Certificate
3000 - GOST Certificate
3000 Series - Pattern Approval Certificate
3000TA - Factory Mutual Approval
3000TB and 3000PB Canadian Factory Mutual Approval
3000TB and 3000PB - Factory Mutual Approval
3000MB - Factory Mutual Approval
3010TAC / 3010PAC - GOST
3010TAC / 3010PAC, TOP-2 and TOP-4 probes, ATEX Certificate (EC-Type)
3020 - Factory Mutual Approval
3020M, 3020P, 3020T, 2020 - CSA International Certificate of Compliance
311 - GOST Certificate
311 & 311XL - FM Certificate
311TC / PC / TCXL oxygen analyzer � BASEEFA ATEX certification report
311TC trace, 311PC percent oxygen analyzer
- Russian Ex certificate
- Explosion proof Russian certification
- Metrology Russian certification
3110 portable oxygen analyzer - FM certificate (United States)
3110 portable oxygen analyzer � FMc certificate (Canada)
3110 portable oxygen analyzer - EC type examination certificate
3110 portable oxygen analyzer - Atex Certificate from ISSEP
3290 oxygen analyzer - CSA Certification Record for the AC version of 3290
6400-TSG Total Sulfur in Fuel Gas Analyzer - EC Type Examination Certificate (ATEX)
6650SP - EC Type Examination Certificate (ATEX)
6650SP - IECEx Certificate
7320 - Factory Mutual Approval
8800 Series - UL listing mark
8800A - CSA Certificate for General Purpose Use
EECS for Models 311TC, 311PC, and 311TC-XL
General EECS "conformity assurance programme licensing"
Insta Trans oxygen transmitter system - BASEEFA certificate of conformity
Insta Trans oxygen transmitter - EECS certification EC-Type Examination Certificate
Insta Trans oxygen transmitter - Factory Mutual Approval
Insta Trans oxygen transmitter - Factory Mutual Approval - Canada
Insta Trans - GOST Certificate
InstaTrans-XD Oxygen Transmitter - EC-Type Examination Certificate
InstaTrans-XD Oxygen Transmitter - IECEx Certificate of Conformity
InstaTrans-XD Oxygen Transmitter - Factory Mutual
InstaTrans-XD Oxygen Transmitter - Factory Mutual Approval - Canada
LXT-280 Transmitter - Factory Mutual Approval
LXT-280 Transmitter - CSA Approval
LXT-280 Transmitter - Declaration of Conformity
LXT-330 Transmitter - CSA-US / CSA Approval for General Purpose Use
LXT-330 Transmitter - CSA-US / CSA Approval for General Purpose Use
TOP-2 and TOP-4 probes, ATEX Certificate (EC-Type)
CSA Certificate - AX300, AX300-I, MX300, MX300-I
AX300 and AX300I Canadian Medical Device Licenses
MX300 and MX300I Canadian Medical Device Licenses
R-22A sensor: PTB German Automotive approval
R-17A, R-21A, and R-22A sensors: Bureau of Automotive Repair, California
2000AEU Thermal conductivity analyzer - Euro
2000XTC Thermal conductivity transmitter
2120XL Trace Nitrogen Analyzer
2400 - Hydrogen analyzer
2750 - Turbine gas analyzer
3000P Percent oxygen analyzer
3000MA Paramagnetic percent oxygen analyzer
3000MB Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer
3000PAEU Percent oxygen analyzer - Euro
3000PB Percent oxygen analyzer, bulkhead mount
3000T Trace oxygen analyzer
3000TAEU Trace oxygen analyzer - Euro
3000TAXLEU UltraTrace oxygen analyzer - Euro
3000ZA oxygen analyzer
3010MA Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer
3010MB Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer
3010PAC Percent oxygen analyzer - CENELEC
3010PBC Percent oxygen analyzer, bulkhead mount - CENELEC
3010TAC Trace oxygen analyzer - CENELEC
3020T Trace Oxygen Analyzer
311PC, 311TC and 311TCXL Portable oxygen analyzer
3110 portable oxygen analyzer
3190, 3190Z, 3290 and 3290Z Trace and Percent Oxygen Analyzers
320BRC and 320P Portable oxygen analyzer
3300ZB Zirconium Oxide Percent Oxygen Analyzer
3350 Oxygen alarm monitor
402 PPM Trace total hydrocarbons analyzer
4020 PPM Trace total hydrocarbons analyzer
5000B NIR Analyzer
6000B UV Photometric Analyzer
6200T -Total Sulfur Analyzers
6400E / 6400EH SO2 Analyzer
6400T- Sulfur dioxide analyzer
6650 UV-Fluorescence Oil in Water Analyzer
6700 TOC Analyzer
7300 NDIR gas analyzer
7500 NDIR gas analyzer
7500Z Infrared Analyzer
7600 NDIR gas analyzer
8800A Moisture / Dewpoint Analyzer
8800P Portable Trace Moisture Analyzer
9110E / 9110EH Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer
9110T- Nitrogen oxides analyzer
AD/MD300 Oxygen Analyzers
AX300 / AX300-I Oxygen Analyzers
GB-300 Handheld Percent Oxygen Analyzer
GFC-7000 Trace CO2 Analyzer
GFC7000T- Carbon dioxide analyzer
GFC-7001 Trace CO Analyzer
GFC7001T - Carbon monoxide analyzer
GFC-7002 Trace N2O Analyzer
GFC7002T: Nitrous oxide analyzer
InstaTrans PPM and percent oxygen transmitter
LGA-4000 Tunable Diode Laser
LXT-220 Line-Powered Controller
LXT-230 Loop-Powered Controller
Max 5 - Portable fuel efficiency analyzer for O2 / CO / Combustibles / CO2
Medical Oxygen Sensors
Mixchek - Helium / Oxygen Analyzer
MX300 / MX300-I Oxygen Analyzers
N33 Declaration of Conformity
N33 Micro-Fuel Cell
PEM-9004 Portable Emissions Analyzer
Automotive Oxygen Sensors - R-17A, R-21A, R-22A, R-17AH, R-22AH, R-22AV, R-17ALV, R-17AV, R-21AV
R-33S, R-33S1, R-17S, R-22S, R-22SHO, R-17S1
Insta-Trans XD PPM and Percent Oxygen Transmitter>
6650SP Oil in Water
4000 Series 4080 HC in Water, 4020B, 4030B, 4060B
UFO-130-2G Oxygen Sensor

Disclaimer: The use of oxygen sensors other than those manufactured by Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) in these products may cause damage and/or degrade product performance. TAI does not stand behind the performance of these products when used with an unauthorized after-market oxygen sensor. In the case of a certified TAI Oxygen Monitor or Analyzer for use in medical (i.e. FDA) as well as in hazardous area applications (i.e. FM, CSA, and ATEX), the use of sensors other than those manufactured by TAI will absolutely void third party certification of the product.


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