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Safety & Food Transport Application Sensors

Personnel safety is of primary importance and no area is of greater concern than insuring workers have clean air to breathe, free from deadly chemicals.

Unseen dangers are the most challenging to defend against. Therefore, Teledyne offers high quality sensors which detect levels of carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide down to the parts-per-million level before they can cause injury.

Teledyne's disposable Micro-fuel Cell sensor, conceived and patented over 30 years ago, now serves as the industry standard for all forms of gas detection.

Teledyne has designed a sensor specific to the needs of the food transport industry, providing the level of sensitivity required for this application in a fast-responding cell.

F-2 Carbon Monoxide ppm measurement
Technical information
G-2 Hydrogen Sulfide ppm measurement
R-28FT Oxygen sensor specific for use in food transport systems; 30 second response, 6 month life
Technical information

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