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Oxygen Analyzers

Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers a wide array of oxygen analysis instrumentation using different sensing technologies to directly address the needs of a given application.

TAI's 3000 series of trace and percent oxygen analyzers is based on a feature-rich, standard analyzer platform that allows us to maximize economies of scale and pass those savings on to our customers. In addition, this streamlined manufacturing capability results in quick deliveries and ease of field commissioning and servicing.

Our 3000M series of paramagnetic oxygen analyzers offer superior performance for percent oxygen analysis due to the advanced, maintenance free, paramagnetic O2 sensor design. The 3000M provides the operator with long-life, fast response oxygen sensing capability in both inert and corrosive CO2 gas streams. Properly maintained paramagnetic sensors last for years with little or no attention making them ideal for critical measurements.

Series 3000T & 3000P trace and percent oxygen analyzers utilize Teledyne’s advanced Micro-fuel Cell (MFC) electrochemical oxygen sensors. Teledyne’s MFCs provide users with an easy-to-use, disposable, no maintenance oxygen sensor design that can be freely applied in inert gas streams as well as in pure or gas mixtures containing H2, hydrocarbons and CO2 for accurate oxygen detection from 0-1 ppm up to 0-100%.

Our 3000ZA2G series zirconium oxide trace oxygen analyzer utilizes a non-depleting amperometric zirconium oxide sensor designed for enhanced performance on range from 0-1 ppm up to 0-25% which can be readily applied on inert, H2 / HC-free gas streams.

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