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Portable Oxygen Analyzers

Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers a wide array of trace and percent portable oxygen analysis instrumentation built for both accuracy and endurance.

The Model 3110 portable trace oxygen analyzer combines a rugged design with the high reliability of Teledyne's trace level sensors. This ensures highly accurate ppm oxygen readings in a variety of background gases -- including hydrocarbons. The batteries supply at least 100 hours of continuous power to the analyzer, with a low-battery indicator LED.

The Model 311TC and 311XL portable trace oxygen analyzers provides complete oxygen analysis in a compact package. With high accuracy and fast response, this unit is FM approved intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, and D. The 311PC offers the same features for percent analysis.

The TurbO2 portable trace oxygen analyzer provides economical oxygen analysis in a compact package at the PPM level.

The 320 series of portable oxygen analyzers can improve process efficiency, lower fuel costs, and reduce explosive hazards in such applications as power plants, refineries, chemical / petrochemical plants and steel making. Used to monitor boilers, fireboxes, and process streams, these analyzers can safeguard combustion processes from too much or too little oxygen at vital points.

Teledyne’s hand-held GB300 portable percent oxygen analyzer is designed for use in a wide variety of applications from diving to fine tuning boilers.

See all of Teledyne's portable oxygen analyzer offerings.


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