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Model 3000MA - general purpose unit
Series 3000M - Paramagnetic Series of Oxygen Analyzers

The 3000M Series of Paramagnetic Percent Oxygen Analyzers is a versatile, microprocessor based instrument specifically designed to detect oxygen in a variety of gases. This instrument is precise and cost effective capable of measuring percent oxygen in as low as the 0-1% range.

Drawing on the solid performance of our highly successful 3000 series control platform, the 3000MA provides the user with a wide variety of features and options to satisfy virtually any application.
  • Microprocessor based
  • Exceptional performance, price value
  • Advanced paramagnetic sensor
The 3000MA offers three dynamic, user-configurable ranges plus autoranging, and can be calibrated in any range. The instrument is linear on all three ranges, eliminating the need to recalibrate while switching between ranges.

Model 3000MB - wall mount unit
The analyzer comes standard with an isolated 4-20 mADC output for oxygen concentration and range identification. Additionally, a bi-directional RS-232C serial communication interface provides for remote monitoring and control of span and zero functions. Teledyne provides auto-calibration capabilities as a standard feature in the 3000 series platform.

Data sheets for the complete line of instruments are available as PDF documents for download 3000 Series - Application Notes on Restrictors, Pressures, and Flow Recommendations

Applications include: Monitoring inert gas blanketing, Air separation and liquefaction, Chemical reaction monitoring, Emissions monitoring, Petrochemical process control, Quality assurance, Gas analysis certification

Model 3010MA Paramagnetic Percent Oxygen Analyzer is a versatile, microprocessor-based instrument specifically designed for oxygen purity analysis.

The 3010MA is a precise, cost effective instrument capable of measuring percent oxygen in specific ranges as required by the air separation and medical gas qualification industries.

  • Advanced paramagnetic sensor with barometric pressure compensation and PID temperature control for enhanced stability
  • Exceptional performance, price value
  • Proven Teledyne microprocessor-based platform
  • Designed for common ASU’s and medical air / medical oxygen applications
Paramagnetic sensors, operating under suppressed, high-purity conditions, are natively subject to swings in their output based on changes in the surrounding barometric pressure. To properly compensate for such atmospheric pressure changes, Teledyne has incorporated an absolute pressure sensor in our system design.

Model 3020M - totally explosion proof configuration
In addition, to ensure an enhanced, stable performance, Teledyne maintains the paramagnetic sensor in its own isolated, heated compartment. A PID is used to properly control and maintain the temperature within the sensor compartment to optimize the analysis.

The analysis section is mounted directly beside the 3010MA control unit allowing for a panel-saving, single 19" rack mount configuration.

The Model 3020M offers the same superior performance as the rest of the series in an explosion proof configuration.

Standard features include a fully explosion proof, NEMA 4/7 rated enclosure (Class I, Division 1, Group B), three user-selectable ranges plus cal range, two fully adjustable concentration alarm set points, a full duplex RS-232C communication link, stainless steel sample passages and fittings, and a universal power supply.

Disclaimer: The use of oxygen sensors other than those manufactured by Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) in this product may cause damage and/or degrade product performance. TAI does not stand behind the performance of this product when used with an unauthorized after-market oxygen sensor. In the case of a certified TAI Oxygen Monitor or Analyzer for use in medical (i.e. FDA) as well as in hazardous area applications (i.e. FM, CSA, and ATEX), the use of sensors other than those manufactured by TAI will absolutely void third party certification of the product.


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