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Custom Systems

Creating Custom Systems - Step by Step

STEP 1: System Layout & Design

Upon receipt of an order calling for a custom designed gas or liquid analysis system, the order is entered into Teledyne's MAPICS MRP system and routed to the Systems Engineering Group.

Based on the order requirement, the system design engineers can review common designs from previously sold systems from Teledyne's history files. This is a major benefit as our system designers can effectively reduce the number of man-hours required to generate approval drawings as well as finalizing the detailed drawing package against which operations will build and test the system.

All system drawings are developed in auto-cad format allowing for easy retrieval and re-work. These drawings can also be readily converted into PDF files that can be electronically transmitted and reviewed by our customers to reduce the approval drawing review process.

STEP 2: Vendor Data Drawing Review by Sales & Engineering

Prior to releasing the detailed system drawing package to Production Control, the prints are evaluated on a group basis with the design engineering team and the sales engineer overseeing the project on behalf of Teledyne's customer.

In this way, all the relevant design features required by the end-user can be collectively discussed to ensure they have been incorporated into the design. The drawing package is then either passed along to the end-user for their approval and comments or directly to production control for fabrication.

STEP 3: System Integration

Upon release of the system drawing package to Production Control, the operations group then takes over.

Purchasing finalizes the procurement of long-lead items as well as the complete bill-of-materials (BOM). Based on the contractual due date, Production Control schedules when the systems integration team will begin the fabrication process.

The Production Control department will then issue manufacturing work-orders so the System Integration Team can pull the necessary parts from stock to configure the analysis system. All system wiring, line drilling and tube bending required for complete system integration takes place at Teledyne.

Teledyne also has a well equipped Machine Shop on-site so we can maintain as much scheduling control as possible. By maintaining all levels of expertise on site, Teledyne can offer fast and flexible solutions to meet urgent and changing customer demands.

STEP 4: System Engineering Qualification

During the system fabrication process, the System Engineering Group (SEG) qualifies any design questions that arise from the System Integration Team.

By maintaining this flexibility and priority within the SEG, Teledyne is able to deal with any critical issues on the fly and maintain its delivery schedules.

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