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Schematics and Spec Control Drawings

Please note these are provided for reference only. Revisions may have taken place since posting. Contact the factory to confirm the latest revision number.
Model Number Description TAI Drawing Number
Multiple Universal motherboard C-31945
1220 Main board D-65442
19" Rack mount module C-68499
1220 Combustibles Sensor Outline and Diagram A-13450-5
1223 1223A Panel mount case outline drawing C-68448
1223B NEMA 4 Case outline drawing D-68465
1223B Combustibles Sensor Outline and Diagram A-13450-5
1223B Interconnection Diagram B-68920
2000 SERIES Preamp board D-65097
2000A with Gas panel outline drawing D-67056
2000A Outline drawing D-67061
2000A Outline drawing D-67915
2000A Outline diagram D-SK8702
2000B Outline drawing D-70620
2010 Outline diagram C-70146
Control unit outline diagram D-71986
Interconnect diagram D-73170
2020 Interconnection and piping diagram D-67113
Outline diagram D-67110
Analyzer sample system piping diagram B-71566
Analyzer system outline diagram D-71567
212R Power supply C-73088
Main PC board C-73085
235 / 237 / 238 Universal motherboard C-31945
Power supply - Amplifier PC board B-33139
Model 235: Proportional temperature controller B-15016
275 Measurement PCB D-51408
2750 Schematic Diagram B-76695
3000 SERIES CPU board D-62364
Pre-amp board D-62367
Front panel display D-62370
Back panel PC board D-62373
Restrictor kit A-68729
PC Board assembly CPU board SMT version C-73870
Preamplifier board D-70042
3000PA Outline drawing D-74370
(Euro Version)
Outline drawing D-74371
3000TB / 3000PB Outline drawing D-66674
Internal wiring diagram D-66675
3000ZA Outline diagram 19" rack mount D-77236
Preamp board, multi-sensor B-77584
3000ZAXL Preamp Schematic B-77584 (1)
B-77584 (2)
(CENELEC Versions
PAC and TAC)
Back panel board D-65506
3010MA Outline drawing D-73635
3010MB Pre-amp PC board D-73698
Pre-amp PC board - diagram 2 D-73698 diagram 2
3010TA / PA Wiring Diagram D-64950
3010TAC / PAC Cross reference chart for power cord D-66192-1
Outline drawing D-66192-2
Interior structure D-66192-3
Sensor block interconnect diagram D-66193
Receptacle assembly with fitting B-69583
Stainless steel Top 4 probe outline drawing C-64666
Top 4L trace oxygen probe outline diagram C-66899
Housing assembly safety barriers, trace oxygen C-67564
Interconnection diagram with galvanic barrier C-67564
3010TB / PB Interconnection drawing D-64949
3020M Outline diagram D-70000
Outline diagram D-SK061004
3020P Back Panel PCB Schematic D-65294
3020T Outline diagram D-65909
Interconnection diagrams A-73933
Outline diagram
Trace O2 analyzer system
306WAX Wiring mod with ring SW contacts D-51187
Interconnection diagram D-51187-3
Schematic diagram D-41307
311 Outline drawing B-9271
Schematic B-14463
Wiring diagram -- 110V C-41661
Wiring diagram -- 220V C-37938
311XL Schematic Diagram C-70246
3110 Schematics B77889-0
315 PC board assembly; O2 switching delay circuit C-14136
315X General schematic C-15887
316R / 317R / 318R Dual alarm comparator B-14718
Isolate E/I Converter B-29602
Plug in PC board B-32152
Regulated Power Supply Schematic B-33129
Interconnection Diagram A-25686
Interconnection/Wiring Diagram A-33140
318 Outline drawing B-34017
3190 / 3290 Power supply board D-64585
Main board D-65305
3290 Outline drawing C-64771
3290 Final assembly C-64643
3190, 3290 Cable Assembly A-64678
320 Series 320BRC - Schematic B-9542
322 Terminal connection ID A-21643
Probe assembly outline diagram B-16484
3220 Main board D-65442
Interconnection diagram C-17388
325 PC board assembly C-24823
326 / 327 / 328 Amplifier schematic B-33779
Universal motherboard C-31945
Oxygen amplifier board A-9348
327RA, 327RB Interconnect drawing B-34555
328 Outline Drawing B-33976
3290AL Final assembly C-65676
3300AC Typical interconnection diagram D-74555
3300TB Outline drawing D-70361
335 Interconnection diagram A-24690
Schematic B-24663
Outline drawing C-24634
Wiring diagram C-25388
3350 Outline drawing D-70679
Power supply board D-70739
Battery charger board D-70723
340BRC General schematic C-20114
402REU Electrode subassembly B-13207
Gas connection diagram B-67691
Piping diagram B-64543
Piping diagram B-67698
Input - Output interconnect diagram B-43384
Universal motherboard C-31945
Outline diagram C-66897
19" relay rack D-67924
Panel cut out D-68011A
Alarm option A-64994
4020 Outline drawings D-75508
Ignition / PSI comp board B-74672
Electrometer board B-74678
Piping diagram B-75509
Wiring diagram D-77483
Schematic diagram ignition/psi comp board B-74672-2
Proportional temp control board B-31077
514 Proportional temp controller PC board final assembly C-14449
730 & 731 PC board schematic D-51475-2
7500 Outline diagram BSK-240506
7500ZA Outline diagram D-92330
7600 Outline schematic B-33107
Outline diagram BSK-240506
8960 CPU board D-67447
9060 Heated probe outline drawing C-67574
9060L Control Unit D77712-1 (pdf)
D77712-1 (dwg)
9700 Probe assembly B-21069
980 Wiring diagram C-11868
Insta Trans Outline diagram C-72101A
Interconnection Diagram with Safety Barriers (FM version) D-73226
Interconnection Diagram with Safety Barriers (ATEX version) D-73736
Right angle outline diagram C-72101B
Board set D-71158
Interconnect diagram A-71629
InstaTrans XD Outline Diagram C-83162
Max 5 Analog PC board C-40162
Power supply / charger schematic Not numbered
Microprocessor PC Board D-38395
Piping schematic, Max 5 monitor Percent CO / retrofit B-43108RF
Mixcheck PCB schematic B-75027
OT-3 Scrubber assembly - clear PVS H2S C-74050
Outline drawing D-74110
VB-1 / VB-3 valve box Outline diagram 19" rack mount DSK-022107
Outline diagram D-78317
Final assembly D-78318
T-257 Transformer Schematic B-36689
Kit assembly D2 Lamp Retrofit Schematic B-49724
TED-60 Schematic B-40579
TED-200T7 Front panel assembly B-68990
A-2C Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-66793
A-2CNG Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-78028
A-5 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-66795
B-1 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-59452
B-2CHS Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-78643
B-2C Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-66797
B-3C Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-66799
B-5 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-66801
C-1 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-45799
C-2 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-67145
C-3 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-59451
E-2 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing B-57289
F-1R & F-3 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing B-66840
R-15 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing B-44182
R-17S Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing R-17S
T-1 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-45799
T-2 Micro-fuel Cell Spec control drawing A-67145


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